[Originally posted 29 January 2016]

In the mid to late 90’s Blogs were a mere twinkle in the eyes of the inter-tubes. Internet Diaries, or Journals, were the thing.

One could join a Web-Ring, a collection of peoples’ home pages that shared a common interest. It was a quick and easy way to get your ramblings noticed and shared with other ring-members. All good fun.

preview-CompuServe192Those were the days of Compuserve, Internet Explorer v1.0 and paying per minute to access the new-fangled World Wide Web via a dial-up modem. Your credit card bills were big, your phone line was always engaged.


IE3_iconUnfortunately, in 1999, the term “Blog” was coined and in 2001, (according to my totally infallible memory), swathes of the great unwashed bought electric computing machines and started to bombard us with their hideous GeoCities web-vomit.

Roll on a few years and we enter the age of Facebook. A warm, enticing, comfortable little cesspit for every illiterate cockwomble on the planet. A place where the dumbest of Conspiracy Theorists and gullible Religious morons can spew their uneducated bilge-sandwiches without fear of being slapped in the face with a kipper or poked in the eye with a pointy stick.

…..and some of them make money from doing so.

It will be a few years before I can declare myself King of The World and mandate that every person must pass a test and obtain a license before being allowed to use The Inter-webs.

Until then…. If you can’t beat ’em……